Monday, 8 May 2017

Human Hair Extensions, Crown Hair Toppers & Extensions

You don't have to be going bald, have thinning hair, or have no hair at all in able to seek out alternative solutions like Remy human hair extensions. Nowadays, getting hair extensions like these can be purely a fashion statement just as much as it is a cosmetic necessity for some. It's not only the trend amongst big name Hollywood starlets and music artist divas, but it's also becoming more and more popular amongst the typical everyday woman; housewife, student, business professional, and the like. When you want instantaneous, drastic and boldly beautiful changes to your current hairstyle then Remy human hair extensions are the way to go.
What is Remy Human Hair Extension
Of all the different types of hair extensions available on the market, Remy human hair extensions would have to be the finest, most high quality type available. And this is because it's the only type that keeps the hair cuticles intact instead of completely stripping them away like you'd find with other varieties.
These types of hair extensions are fashioned all in the same direction for a more natural looking appearance. They're also less prone to matting and tangling and remain soft and lustrous throughout its lifetime. This hair has the ability to be dyed, curled, straightened, washed, cut, styled and treated just like your natural hair which is why many individuals prefer them to synthetic hair. Synthetic hair can't take much heat and is sensitive to sunlight. They also don't look as natural nor last as long.

Remy Human Hair Types
When it comes to different types of Remy human hair, there are two main categories in which you can choose from. The first is virgin Remy hair and these are extensions that are all natural in regards to the color and the texture of the hair. They come in straight, wavy and curly variations and the characteristics of each are determined by the ethnicity and region of the donor. Donors of Remy hair span throughout the entire globe and can come from Europe, Asia, or South America.  CrownHair Topper India is one of the main sources for Remy human hair extensions and the most common types that come from that region are dark brown to black hair with wavy to curly texture.
The second type of Remy human hair would be the non-virgin variety. This is hair that has been treated one way or the other to achieve a specific shade of color or certain type of texture. This includes an assortment of wavy and curly extensions with varying degrees of the texture and come in colors such as blond, red and brunette.
Benefits of Remy Human Hair Extensions
There are many benefits to using Remy human hair extensions. The first noticeable and obvious benefit would be the quality of hair which is very high considering it's authentic human hair. It blends better with your natural hair and can be treated just like your own, making maintenance more manageable. It also has a more beautiful sheen and silky texture which enhances the overall look of your style.
Another benefit is that it can be treated so you're not just stuck with one style and if you're inkling for a change in color, cut or texture your Remy hair will happily comply. It's also easier to style as far as application of a heat source like a curling iron or a straightener, plus it's more responsive to hair care and styling products such as hot oil, gel or mousse.
Lastly, these types of hai will last longer and are stronger than any other type of human or synthetic hair extension. They're constructed by careful and skilled hands and will last as long as you have them in your hair. So if you're looking for a high quality and attractive hair solution then turn to Remy human hair extensions; it's simply the best.

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